Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend - Food - Football

Slow weekend. Matthew had BP Friday afternoon, and Will came along. Then we met C and A at the East Cobb Chipotle. I had the burrito bowl. Back home Ceil had gotten a cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory.

Saturday M had a 9 am game (lost) and Will an 11 am game (win), back-to-back on the same field. Matthew reached on an error, walked (and scored from second), and added a RBI groundout. Will had a single, walk, triple, 2 stolen bases, and scored 3 runs.

Listened to Tech on the way home, then watched Clemson and Georgia. After reading the AJC, I think Paul Johnson was playing it close to the vest, having his QB keep the ball instead of pitch it, since the upcoming opponents will be watching the Maryland game film more than earlier games.

Clemson’s path to the national championship game got rocky, with their QB getting hurt. The backup (son of Cliff Stout) looked pretty decent to me. Dabo ought to rest the starter against Maryland, though I doubt he will. Big win for Georgia. Will and I were laughing at the Clemson/BC announcer, who said “the Boston College players are taking a beating. I hope they have ice up there in Massachusetts!” I think I remember some poor calls on the UGA broadcast as well.

Someone must’ve told Crowell that Herschel played hurt, because the freshman returned to the game and scored two touchdowns.

Saturday night Ceil and the kids (and Joel) went to Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee in Roswell. Will’s old basketball teammate Isaac was playing there. Joel and Will have been playing Thursday night trivia there. Last week Will returned home and asked me several questions they’d missed. When I quickly answered them, he finally realized I could help them out.

Sunday I watched more football, and hardly kept up with baseball. Watched more of the Falcons than I had all year. Did laundry and sorted winter clothes.

I did watch a good chunk of the Phillies game Friday night. At 10 I went to bed, then remembered I needed to revise Matthew’s batting/fielding order for his Saturday game. Went downstairs and did it while the Cards won it. Johnny posted that the top 9 payroll team are out of the playoffs, after spending a billion dollars in salary this year. I would root for the Brewers, but Nyjer Morgan plays for them. Instead I’ll pull for the Cards and Tigers. Today I was reading the Philly article in SI. Were they not the Braves high-payroll rivals, I would like them ok. Will hates them (and Nyjer Morgan).

Not long ago I got one of McDonalds new chicken sandwiches, which are supposed to help them compete with Chick-fil-a. Maybe they were out of the fresh chicken, but the pre-frozen / pre-cooked (then fried) sandwich was terrible. For lunch Monday (and Friday) I hit Taco Bell.

I hadn’t been following the Amanda Knox story. Barely remember the hikers story…didn’t know all those details about Trump. Speaking of the Donald, he was interviewed in the ESPN 30 on 30 about Herschel. I’d forgotten about Trump owning the Generals. Guess that had something to do with Herschel being on the Apprentice a few years ago.

Ichiro’s career with the Mariners will put him in Cooperstown. When you combine his Japan League hits, he’s closing in on Pete Rose’s all-time hit record. He’s already broken several all-time records with his MLB stats by themselves…ten straight years with more than 200 hits.

Did you ever see “The Aviator”, the movie about Howard Hughes, starring Leonardo Dicaprio? Kinda long, but a pretty good movie about the longtime recluse. I saw it a few years ago when it came out, and Sunday I watched part of it again.

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