Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crown Wins Again

Will’s team won an uneventful game Tuesday night in the Sandy Plains Fall League. He played shortstop the whole game, and had two assists. Offensively, he knocked in one run and scored another.

In the top of the first, leadoff hitters Ryan and Nate both singled up the middle, and advanced to second and third. Will went with an outside pitch and sent a fly ball deep enough in right field for both runners to tag up and advance, making the score 1-0. It turned out to be the only run Crown would need.

Sandy Plains rallied in the second. The first two batters reached, then the next hitter singled through the hole to right. The rightfielder fielded the ball and fired home. The runner from second took a big turn around third and only pulled up when he was halfway home. He turned back to third just as the other runner steamed into third. The other runner reversed course and headed back to second. When Tanner fired to Will to nail that runner, the other runner headed home. Will took the throw and immediately fired home. Nathan took Will’s throw just as the runner stopped and reversed his course. The speedy Nathan had no trouble running him down.

In the third Will rocketed a line drive right back at the pitcher. The pitcher reacted just fast enough to get his glove up in the way. The ball hit the glove so hard that it ricocheted out, falling to the ground. The pitcher had plenty of time to pick it up and throw Will out.

With two out in the fifth Will swung at a 1-2 pitch in the dirt. The ball skipped past the catcher to the backstop, and Will hustled to first before the catcher could retrieve the ball. With a runner at third, Will advanced to second, and scored on Tanner’s drive to right center.

Weather permitting, Crown plays their last game of the fall on Saturday.

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