Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Will is rooting around hard looking for scholarships. Mary-Clayton and her mom are good influences in that area. He interviewed Sunday for a Coca-Cola scholarship, and is filled out a long Elk’s Club scholarship. Someone told him about that AM 680 Chuck Oliver 5th 3rd Bank Student of the Week $1680.00 prize, so he had me enter him for that. He’d heard that one week there was only one entrant. I’d rather win the trip to Braves Fantasy Camp.

The Herschel book remains interesting, though at times he comes off as haughty. He didn’t think the Vikings used him properly, and he goes into detail about his relationship/divorce with wife Cindy. Just as much how he felt/thought about stuff as details about his life. Still, it just skims the surface on most stuff. Stuttered as a child.

Ceil’s brother, and his 17 year golfer/punter son are coming to the Tech / Clemson game. Ceil’s mom is offered to pay for tickets for me and Will if we can find them. I called our old Morningside neighbor, who was just named Campus Minister for Tech’s Baptist ministry (where I lived on campus). He is keeping an eye out, and suggested buying them on the street. Either way is ok with me, but Will may want to go. It’ll be a late finish.

I may take off Friday to clean house, since it’s such a mess.

Another layoff was announced, a salesman in a territory where we weren’t competitive. Otherwise, our Atlanta performance remains comparatively strong. The expansion into a second warehouse is going well.

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