Friday, October 28, 2011

Jim Nolan: GTAA HOF

When I was a boy, Jim Nolan was a tall, stern-looking man in my church…I think he was a school principal. I heard he played basketball at Tech. He must've been good, as he is in the GT HOF. Also went to my high school.

Year Inducted: 1962 Category: Basketball. Born in Macon, Georgia...Threeyear letterman at Georgia Tech in football and basketball...Selected to the 1948 SEC Basketball Tournament first team...Captained Tech's 1949 squad...Drafted by the NBA's Philadelphia Warriors in 1949...Earned "Best Athlete" awards in 19431944 and 19441945 at Macon's Lanier High School...Earned nine letters in basketball, track, football and tennis.

Tuesday this young guy here at work wore a sport coat all day. Wednesday several of us came in wearing sport coats, to give him a hard time (my idea, of course). Another guy declared Thursdays would be "Sportcoat Thursday." He wore a coat that is barely off-white. Co-worker Sue, who is about my age (with a syrupy Southern accent), said he shouldn't wear white after Labor Day. I agreed.

Busy Thursday…a co-worker was out.

REM and the B52's started up in Athens, and that Sugarland is also from the state. REM's Stipe, Mike Mills, and Bill Berry still live/spend time in Athens. Berry has a farm outside of Athens. My lawyer friend Mike went to UGA law school with REM lawyer Bertis Downs.

Will's coach had been thinking along the same uniform lines as me. My additional comments: Nothing wrong with one burgundy jersey and one navy. That way the team can have two different looks. Wear burgundy if you know an opponent wears navy, and vice versa. I agree that the simple, inexpensive jersey is the way to go. Looks great, and it tells people that you're here to play ball, that you look good without trying too hard.


1. The great thing about a burgundy cap would be that hardly any one else ever wears them.

2. It would look fine to wear all burgundy hats/helmets with navy jerseys, since Crown is burgundy and navy. And navy caps with burgundy jerseys would also look fine.

3. But if you don't like the cap not matching the jersey, having two burgundy jerseys would be good. One could say CROWN and one could say KNIGHTS (or CROWN KNIGHTS or CROWN BASEBALL).

4. Since the coach makes the final call, he gets the deciding vote…he can pick his favorite!

White pants are great…they probably look better than grey. Everyone says white shows dirt more, but that's just part of the game. Some guys are going to get dirty no matter what, and others always seem to stay clean.

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