Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend A-Go Go

Friday after Matthew’s practice we vegged out on TV: reruns of Psych and Monk. Will had taken Anna to a sleepover, then hung out at the Normans with DJ and Sarah.

Saturday Matthew played at Shaw Park at ten, and Will played at Mt Paran at eleven. Matthew’s Tigers played a close game. In the last inning I noticed in my scorebook that the hitter had a line drive to left center. I called out and moved Matthew over to his left. Sure enough, the batted hit it in the same spot. Matthew reached up and caught the line drive, saving a triple. After the game my umpire friend said the move impressed him.

After the game we zipped over to see the last inning of Will’s game. He pitched one inning, striking out two batters. Walked twice. We saw him score from first on a double to left field.

Mary-Clayton was at the game, wearing one of Will’s old jerseys that she had “fixed” (her term, which we both laughed at). She “fashionably” puts rips in the sides and back, and outlined the number and team name with a craft pen. Must be a dancer thing. Later I apologized for wearing black long sleeves under my navy Tigers shirt.

Took M through the Taco Bell drive-thru…took ten minutes! (five after we made it to the window!). Later Ceil went to the DeKalb Farmers Market. I drove up near the Forsyth/Cherokee/North Fulton border to get Anna, just down the street from Kevin’s house. Should’ve dropped in on the Hurts, who live nearby.

Great sermon at NP, how God’s power is perfected in our weakness. Andy closed with a video testimony from a young couple who had lost their house and house-building business in the economic downturn. They’re living with his parents, thankful for God’s day-to-day provision, happy to serve in the pre-school Sunday School.

Saw Andrew’s niece Caroline Hargreaves. She said they had kept the older twins. I don’t see how C and A do it (much less you and E!).

Shopped for appliances at Sears and groceries at Kroger, watched the Charlie Sheen movie “Chase”, met the Gilberts to pick up Will, and read more of my Nazi book, The Fourth Shot. The Delany Plaza scene was just one part of the book. The main character was supposed to shoot Oswald immediately after Lee shot Kennedy, but missed. Then the book moved on.

Speaking of books, for the first time ever I bought books from Amazon. Since I’m so crazy about scorekeeping , I bought one on that. Also “One More July” by George Plimpton, about Bill Curry. Both used, for a penny.

Without leftovers, today I cashed in a coupon for one of those new, improved Wendy’s quarter-pound cheeseburgers. It was ok, perhaps better than before. Looks like they’re trying to compete with Five Guys, the way they wrap them in white paper and stack them in a half box. They’re also right there with Five Guys on the price. In the future I’ll stick to the dollar menu, or go somewhere else.

Hadn't heard of Letterman’s HBO special...sounds funny. I had been aware of the morning show, but not enough to have ever watched it. At that time I tried to tune in whenever Dave guest-hosted for Carson. Then when he started Late Night, I tried to watch as much as possible. Bill Murray was his first guest, singing/dancing "Let's Get Physical."

Just this weekend I'd been thinking about the late comedian George Miller. I think I stumbled across a movie he appeared in. Once David Hurt and I saw him perform at a comedy club on Roswell Road, just north on the Piedmont Road intersection. Forgot if Don was with us then or not. Don was once heckled by Jay Leno!

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