Sunday, October 16, 2011

Freaky Friday

In a "decentralization" move, my company laid off 23 or 24 people this past week, mostly in Chicago. One person in Charleston lost their job, and two others were offered less-desirable positions. The Western division was consolidated into the SW and Midwest, so the Western President (a former Norcross employee) lost his job.

Here in Norcross they just hired one pricing manager, and have an opening for another. We also just hired a second administrative assistant, and several more young salespeople. Four others had been promoted to new positions.

I have 4 or 5 more days of vacation to use this year. Can't use them all at Christmas. Need to start looking at the 2012 calendar for a week to go to Destin. Next year is our 25th anniversary.

A co-worker discovered you get FOUR Monopoly Codes when you buy two hashbrowns for a dollar, so I stopped by McDonalds this morning. I'm mainly hoping for the MyCokeRewards points, and free food.

Anna got her Learner's Permit Thursday. She and Ceil watched Aladdin Thursday night. I'm not a Robin Williams fan, so I read my book. I had thought it was a fictionalized alternative Kennedy assassination. That happens at the end, but right now it's about Hitler's Germany , so it's not as interesting. This morning I just finished my Jefferson/Adams book on CD.

Took physical inventory at work Friday, so there was pizza for lunch. I laid off the doughnuts.

Couple weeks ago the Hurts took their daughters down to the Taylor Swift concert. They hung around at Atlantic Station.

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