Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Uniform Suggestions

Will’s baseball team is having a uniform fitting on Thursday. The suggestions I wrote in April were much too long and detailed, so I shortened them up and sent this to the coach:

I’m one of those idiots more concerned about the uniforms than who’s in them. Please allow me to offer some suggestions, which you are welcome to ignore.

JERSEYS: I love the fall jerseys. Isn’t that all that’s needed? Simple, breathable, and affordable. The plain white number on the back is easy to read, unlike many two-tone numbers and letters. Suggestion: Make them big block numbers, like the Braves.

COLOR: I love navy. So do many of Crown’s spring opponents. Suggestion: Burgundy jerseys, which hardly anyone wears. Still looks great. CROWN or KNIGHTS on the front in big, block, vertically-arched white letters. Simple looks way better than busy. Those Holy Spirit Prep jerseys were the ugliest things ever!

HELMETS: Colored helmets with white trim is the latest thing is all the catalogs. So is matte finish, which looks old school. Both white trim and matte finish is too much. Suggestion: A simple single colored helmet, like Jackson’s. Same color as the jersey: burgundy or navy. Big plain “C” big enough to see from a distance, in white or grey.

CAPS: Again, keep it simple. Match the jersey color…burgundy or navy. A plain “C” big enough is see from a distance, in white or grey.

Last night I told Jay I was going to do this. Thanks for putting up with me!

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