Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Good Old Days: Pizza Buffets

Keep me away from Pizza Hut buffets. I like them too much. Back in the 80’s when I worked for Jim Suggs, Rob Suggs and I would eat at the Pizza Inn buffet at least once a week (sometimes twice). We were younger then, and now we’re both paying for it.

Monday night Anna had to do a report on a famous person of Cuban descent. I mentioned Isabel, then as we talked I thought of her mother Sara. That’s who Anna wound up doing the report on. She was still working on it when I went to bed at 11:30. I told her I’d call Lang if she wanted to talk to Isabel, but she said no. Her teacher loved it.

We’re planning on renovating our kitchen. Monday night we went shopping for appliances. Tuesday at lunch I went over to Gwinnett Mall, then backtracked all the way over to North Point Mall.

Should’ve watched baseball Monday night, but I wanted to watch the Lions on MNF. Sloppy first quarter, but that Calvin Johnson is something. Besides the highlights, I may not see them again until Thanksgiving. Also looking forward to that new Tim Allen show.

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