Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Love the Doctor

I'll have to try that DP10. They might have them here at work. I love diet Dr Pepper. Every now and then I'll get a diet cherry/vanilla DP, but that's just too many tastes. But look out…it may make you hungry!

A diet book I read a couple of years ago made the same claim about colas. It used to be a real Coke would fill you up (they still fill me up). Then they replaced the cane sugar with high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Diet colas have the artificial sweeteners. The body doesn't recognize all this artificial stuff, and it doesn't know to sent the message that its full. So you can drink and drink and drink. When I do that, it passes right through me.

When Will got his car, the miles we put on the van dropped immediately…a savings of over $100.00 a month. Ceil has also been doing a better job of driving the Civic when it's available. I haven't been checking Will's mileage…it doesn't seem to be too substantial. I have to make sure he gets his oil changed at the right time. Will sent me an article about where it's best to park.

Getting a new stove, dishwasher, and microwave installed today. Soon we'll get new countertops, cabinet fronts, kitchen drawers, sink, and disposal. All much needed. The microwave handle broke a long time ago, and the dishwasher (that my boss had given me) just broke. The disposal didn't work either, the faucet had come loose, and the stove is rusting. Both Sears and Kitchenaide were running multi-appliance sales, so we got them for the same price the Kenmores were on sale for.

Watching the ESPN show on Herschel motivated me to read his book. So far, though, it's more about the technical aspects of DID than his personal life.

In addition to UGA, Will is looking at a small college, where he might possibly play baseball.

Tuesday the cruise lady here at work is going to the Alpharetta/Johns Creek Bonefish. Cruises, Bonefish, the Florida Gulf Coast, an older son and younger daughter…they have a lot in common with the Whitakers.

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