Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Football Weirdness

Matt Ryan is like Peyton Manning, pointing all around and stuff. This weekend I saw a highlight where the QB physically pushed a player in motion. When they ran the play, the motion man had nothing to do with the play (a run up the middle).

Against FSU Clemson’s receiver had split out, and no one was guarding him. I think the QB saw it, but he couldn’t get the ball snapped before FSU got someone out on the receiver. Would’ve been a TD.

You’d think a team would try to snap the ball quickly, to catch the defense off guard. But even “no huddle” offenses line up, then look to the sidelines for the play. They barely get the play off before the play clock expires. When a team is losing, you’d think they’d be in a hurry.

Sunday the Falcons were penalized for 12 men breaking the huddle. They are confused, with all the personnel changes that take place on every play, based on down and distance. Pros are handsomely paid to know their job, and the only reason college players are there is to play football. But invariably, someone is standing on the sidelines, when he’s supposed to be in the game.

With the huge salaries paid to coaches these days, I’m sure they’re more concerned with winning than being fan friendly. That’s why they wear pink for 25% of the season, to appease the fans (and sell more souvenirs).

I also dislike all the extra people that stand on the sidelines (mostly doing nothing). Many may have duties during the week, but stand around doing little during the game. Look at any college or pro game: the field is literally ringed with people. Cheerleaders have little room to perform.

Last week Buck Belue said when he visited Tennessee as a high school senior, they were playing Tech. The Vols let the recruits run out on the field behind the team. Buck ran out with the others. The captains were at midfield for the coin toss. Tech’s captain was Lawrence Lowe, Buck’s teammate at Valdosta. Lowe saw Buck, picked him up, and gave him a huge hug. The Tennessee coach wasn’t happy.

Watched the new Tim Allen show last night, and an old Newhart. Then the Tech/Maryland reply. Only flipped over to check on the ALCS a couple of times.

Monday night Will ate and spent the night at the camp owner’s house, with a few other counselors. Got up a 6 am and spent 17 hours helping at the camp’s annual charity golf tourney and banquet. He didn’t play, but got to hit balls as the host of a Par 3 hole. Once he hit it within one foot of a hole.

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