Friday, August 18, 2017

Aaron Statue Night

Left work at 2:30 and headed over to East Cobb for the game.
Traffic wasn't too bad.
This week's featured brick.
The office buildings are coming along.
Note the reflection of the stadium.
The Omni Hotel opens early next year.
Panoramic view from the Club House Gate.
Tonight's prize. Sold two cheap on eBay.
Tried on the really big glove.
Aaron was honored before the game. When his convertible passed the Braves bullpen, starting pitcher RA Dickey paused to wave to Hank.
The Reds relievers stroll to the bullpen.
LJ left before the game, so I decided to sit in the left field corner.
Saw Darrell, Norman, Sandy, Robert,
and Bobby, his mother, and two daughters.
Katie, Michael, Josh, and Anna were also at the game.
Across the way, the Braves relievers reach the pen.
Wearing the feather unis from the early 70's,
several players wore high socks or stirrups.
More on that tomorrow.  
The Delta men's choir sang the anthem.
I realized too late I could sing along. 
Walked upstairs to visit with Rob and Charlotte.
I'd never been in this area before, so I stopped to take some pictures.
Not the best place to watch the Home Depot Tool Race.
Another panorama. Sorry.
Behind the Coca Cola sign.
From the stairs I finally discovered the players parking lot,
in the left field corner.
Walked downstairs in time to see one of the three home runs
Dickey allowed in one inning.
Anna and Josh said she sat in section 225 - right behind the plate.
Dickey fires.
For some reason the Reds fan at left in the super cool Tommy Bahama Starting Pitcher T shirt decided to toss peanut shells down on Braves fans far in front of him. One walked back past us, and someone must've told him who'd thrown them. He came down, stood in from of Tommy Bahama, and threatened to take it outside. No more peanut tossing after that.
Remind me to not wear these shoes back to SunTrust.
Great support but either my food got narrower or the shoes got bigger.

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