Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Old vs. New

Facts and figures comparing Mercedes-Benz Stadium (MBS) to the Georgia Dome (GD): 
74228 Georgia Dome
92746 Sanford Stadium
21000 Phillips Arena
71000 MBS expands to 83000 (NFL = 13th), fourth internationally behind AT&T Stadium Arlington, Millennium Stadium Cardiff Wales, & NRG Stadium in Houston.
Stories tall:
30 MBS 27000 tons of structural steel.
27 GD 8300 tons of structural steel
26 Georgia State Capitol
16 SunTrust Park 6800 tons of structural steel
14 Phillips Arena
72 Peachtree Plaza Hotel
04 Falcon statue (below, with a 66 foot wingspan)

MBS: 2 million sq. feet
GD: 1.6 million sq. feet
MBS: 460 ultra-efficient high-quality LED sports lights.
GD: 832 metal halide lights

MBS halo scoreboard: 56 feet high, 1100 feet around.
MBS: 22% more restrooms, 2000 more parking spaces (21000). Seats are 2” wider than the Georgia Dome.
MBS: more than twice as many escalators (25) and elevators (20). Also 4000 solar panels, an electric car charging station, and an underground water-collection system that captures wastewater and pumps it back into the building for cooling and watering. SunTrust Park has a similar underground water collection system.

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