Monday, August 28, 2017

Chicken Feet

Ate lunch Friday at a Chinese Dim Sum place a coworker took me to near Gwinnett Place Mall. Survived it. Didn’t leave hungry, though I wasn't exactly sure what I ate. Passed on the chicken feet (top).

Left work at 2:45 for SunTrust Park. While standing in line I saw someone who looked familiar. Zack Hample, famous for snatching BP homers from everyone else. Big following of 13-14 year old boys who think what he does is cool. He caught Derek Jeter’s 3000th hit – a home run. He crashed the Fort Bragg game that only soldier were supposed to attend. Now you know why adult fans dislike him.
The JFBC choir sang the national anthem, though they were only introduced as the “Johnson Ferry Choir.” Had a good time at the game. Kurt Sukuki hit a home run during the RaceTrac inning, and I had four tickets to cash in for food and drinks on Saturday. Ran by Cheeseburger Bobby’s on the way home.

Saturday I did laundry and washed dishes and tried to clean the house. Was on my feet the whole time. M worked the early shift. Left at 1:45 and headed to Gwinnett. Saw several people I knew at the game. Met former pro wrestling announcer Tony Schiavone, a really nice guy. I usually don’t get autographs but the line was short and I didn’t have anything else to do. He had his dog sitting there with him on the table. Hadn’t realized how big his role had been in professional wrestling back in the day. Chuck Dowdle and Nick Green were there was well.
The Charlotte Knights’ pitcher was a top prospect, Brian Clark. He struck out Acuna to lead off the first, then later got him to weakly ground to third. Clark took a no hitter into the fifth. Acuna was nice to the little leaguer who’d been sent out to greet him in right field.

Left the game and drove to Macon, arriving at 10:15.

Sunday morning we went to Northside Christian Church, celebrating its 50th anniversary. Founded in 1967, we started going there around 1973. The original pastor Charles Turner was back to preach. He baptized me and my family on Easter Sunday 1975. Saw several families we knew. My sister still babysits for Ken and Carolyn Gay’s granddaughters. Bill Roe is now 82, but is still active tinkering around and fixing things, His wife and two daughters were there. My old boss Danny Brooks is retired, but looked good. The second pastor has passed away, but his entire family was there, including his son Aaron from Raleigh. We used to play church softball together. There had a nice covered dish lunch in the gym, and there were albums with old pictures to look at.

Watched some of the Braves game with my parents before heading back. Stopped by Cheeseburger Bobby’s again, and Moes for Matthew. Ceil and Barney got back from SC around 7:30. Gotta find some boxes cause I sold ten bobbleheads this weekend.
This morning I lucked into tickets to Thursday night’s Falcons exhibition, so you know I’ll be loving that. Coworker is lending me a pass to park. So we’re set.

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