Monday, August 07, 2017

Mtn Dew & Frozen Pizza

Thursday I worked past 6:30. Might’ve been seven. Cleaned out both cars, and loaded a large punching bag.

Drove to Augusta Friday morning. Traffic wasn’t bad. Stopped at Bojangles for a bacon egg and cheese biscuit. Lunch meeting at customer was Panera Bread, a turkey sandwich. Stopped by to see W&MC, then drove over to the nice ballpark: Lake Olmstead Stadium. Found a foul ball I while I was walking around. Chatted with one bobblehead guy and his parents before gates opened, then two more once we got inside. A thunderstorm rolled in and rained out the game. I had to leave anyway.
Drove to Athens with part of Anna’s bed, and we put it together. Got back home just before midnight.

Saturday we cleaned out M’s old bedroom. Even ripped out the carpet. Took most of the day. The old bedroom has a high shelf running all the way around it. C wanted to tear it down, but it’s a great place to put things to display. Like bobbleheads. I also did some laundry and straightened out room as well.
Saturday night we went to the Mellow Mushroom in Roswell near Claire. Much faster than the Lassiter location. They say us at this weird wood and rock table under a stained glass window. Our chairs were two huge throne-like things. Got home in time for Ceil’s Hallmark Channel movie.  

I only drink soft drinks when I go out to eat, but Friday since I was driving all day I drank two large Mountain Dews. Had one left over that I drank on Saturday, plus a Coke Zero at Mellow Mushroom. Slept good on Friday night but couldn’t sleep for nothing on Saturday night. Got up in the middle of the night and went downstairs to read. That never happens. I’ve also dramatically cut down on my frozen pizza consumption. When I was a freshman at Tech I ate cheap frozen pizza every night. Better quality than the cheap frozen pizza of today.

JFBC on Sunday, and Moe’s afterwards for lunch. Took the CRV to the carwash to get the emissions tested, then back home for the rest of the Braves game. Read Grisham, played on my laptop, and did more laundry. C rented the movie “Gifted” which was good. Grits and eggs for supper, though I’d snacked on chips and dip.
Lunch meeting today: Atlanta Bread Company.

What we need to do is the next time a dental hygienist harasses you, we’ll go down and heckle them. There was a Seinfeld episode where a lady heckled Jerry on stage, so he went over to her office and heckled her at work. “Do you call that typing?” You’d better go faster!”

Saturday W&MC drove to Rhode Island. Yesterday they went to the game at Fenway. He said it was great. Today they drove to Maine. Tomorrow they hike a trail called “Knife’s Edge.” They drive back through NYC at the end of the week.
Oft-mentioned longtime coworker Dialysis, who was laid off in January, passed away early Saturday morning. He’d been in real bad health, and had needed a kidney transplant. He was 56. He hadn’t worked since January, so it was good he got to spend his last few months at home. His youngest son is 23 years old.

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