Friday, August 11, 2017

Life in the Slow Lane

I never was a speed demon, but have been driving slower than ever these days. I might’ve told you about driving down to Macon a few weeks ago in the slow lane, not passing. Last Friday I did the same thing on my trip to Augusta and back. 285 is so wide I try to get in a lane where there’s not as much traffic. People are whizzing past me.
I hate getting on 400 north from 285 west. I get into the turn lane as early as possible, merging in with cars entering 285 from Perimeter Mall. Invariably several cars wait til the last second to zoom over several lanes of traffic, cutting in without warning. Then on 400 people illegally use the far right rush hour only lane, passing everyone doing 80 in a 45 MPH zone.
I like driving slow and having cars pass me, them weaving and accelerating as fast as they can – then I pull up next to them at every red light. I’m getting places at the same time they are.
Tuesday: worked until 6:30 then took a load to Goodwill. Mailed a box at the post office. Deposited a check at the bank. Stopped by the convenience store. Ceil cooked black beans and rice. M’s friend Noni ate with us. Watched some of the Braves. C worked on an art project and I packaged another box. Still got two more bobbles to ship. I’ve sold five in the past week.   
Worked until 6:40 Wednesday night. Made good time to the library and checked out a Paul McCartney autobiography. Ceil cooked boneless BBQ chicken breasts. Also salad and baked potato coins. M worked.
Watched the special on Princess Diana. 95% of the Diana program was nothing new. Not even sure 5% was new, just stuff I didn’t know or had forgot. She always knew that Charles and Camilla were close, and worried about it even when she was walking down the aisle. Camilla is in white at the top right, to the left of the red hat. 
Watched some of the Panthers/Texans. Deshaun Watson looked good, though one pass sailed high, allowing his receiver to be hit hard in the ribs. Another pass was dropped. Interesting how Watson’s first game was back close to where he went to school, in a stadium he had played in several times. A decent amount of orange in the stands. My brother-in-law and his wife went to the game. I missed most of Christian McCaffrey’s playing time, though I did see one nice run up the middle.
Also watched some of the Braves, who made a late charge. Anna’s friend Josh went to his second straight game. J&A are going to the game on her birthday, so I’ll see her there.
Thursday: Worked til 6:50. Went downstairs and it was raining super big time. Waited 5-10 minutes before leaving. C wasn’t feeling good. M and Noni came home wanting supper. We sent them to the grocery for hot dogs. Ceil’s idea. M cooked them, and we ate at 9:45. M and Noni had two each.
Maybe the Falcons new offensive coordination Steve Sarkisian was trying to not be like last year’s offensive coordinator Shanahan, who was passing the ball late in the Super Bowl when he should have been running it.

This spring Florida Gators kicker Eddy Pineira kicked an 81 yard field goal in pads. Last year he went 21-25 including 3-3 form 50-plus yards. Sports Illustrated ranks him the 100th best player in the nation.
My dad thinks a lot of the people he used to email are now on Facebook, and don’t check their email any more. He's probably right. 
For the longest time Colon got by and did well, perhaps relying on veteran guile. Not sure what happened this year. You’d think the pitching coach would’ve let him do his thing. The Braves gave him several months to get untracked, but he never did. The Braves let him go was because the rookie Newcomb was ready to be called up. Colon was supposedly a good teammate. The whole time he struggled Don Sutton thought it was only a matter of time before he got untracked. Maybe Colon will win comeback player of the year.

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