Thursday, August 17, 2017

Truck Driving Man

Tuesday morning a coworker said a hot shipment was coming in that afternoon. As I was leaving that evening I remembered we hadn’t checked on it. I checked the loading dock but didn’t see it. Wednesday morning UPS tracking said it had delivered at 2 pm Tuesday afternoon. I misheard the name who’d signed for it, but we asked the plant to ship it. We hadn’t heard back in the afternoon, so we checked again. No one could find the shipment. Not good.
On the way home I talked to our customer, who said the material was needed Thursday to be processed for a Friday shipment to Germany – a little more critical than usual. Several sections of the plant had reported back that the material was not in their area. I requested another search. Last night I’m pretty sure I dreamed about the shipment.
This morning I wore old pants, knowing I’d be out searching for the material. Got to work and went out looking, not really knowing where to look or what to look for. I looked everywhere, including on the numerous tractor trailers out in the yard. Searched the blue building then walked through the gold building to the smaller laser building. There’d been a rumor it had been send there, but I didn’t see it. Walked all the way back to the office, then drove around the corner to the blue ridge warehouse. Looked around and talked to the guys there. The material had delivered there, but they’d shuttled it back to the main campus, supposedly to the laser building. The key: they told me what the package looked like.
Drove back and pretty much retraced my steps. Blue building, gold building, laser building. Walked from one end to the other – and there it was.
Found it at 9 am after searching for an hour and 45 minutes. It wouldn’t fit in my car, so I grabbed the company van and headed up 85 to Lavonia. I had walked three miles searching for the material (my Apple Watch tracked it) so I was tired, hungry, and thirsty. Grabbed two drinks and some chips, and gobbled them down on the way.
Drove down a wooded road to the plant, turned down the drive and saw our company truck was there making a delivery. Said hello to my coworker and dropped off the package. They were most happy to get it. Drove over to visit our vendor just down the road, driving through the quaint downtown. Stopped for gas and checked email, and realized I’d completely forgotten to do an important task. On the drive back to Norcross I made several calls to lines things up.
Had planned on stopping in Commerce for lunch, and was excited to see there was a Fuddruckers there. Grabbed a burger and got back on the road. Made it back to the office at 1:30. My watch said I had walked 4-1/2 miles.
C has a women’s gathering tonight at JFBC so I cashed in a coupon at Cheeseburger Bobby’s on the way home. Then I cut the grass and blew the drive, upping my total to 6-1/2 miles.

You’ll enjoy this: back in the mid-80’s there was a total eclipse when I was working at the SPdL ECS. Might’ve been after the kids went home at noon. All us teachers went out to the grassy area across from the North Bridge to check it out. I made a pinhole camera. Must’ve been 1983 or 1984, not sure. All I remember is standing outside with the pinhole camera.
Monday I also watched David Feherty interview Matt Lauer. Interesting. Lauer said a lot of the right things. Spent a lot of time on things not related to golf.
The 41 foot tall falcon statue outside Mercedes Benz Stadium is really just there to scare away pigeons and rats.
Mexican was good for lunch Tuesday. Went to place we used to go to back in the 90’s and early 2000’s. I got the fajitas, which looked better than Eric’s salad and Brad’s chicken nachos. It was a long lunch, then Brad helped me fix a report, then I got a call with a hot order to bail out another supplier from China. Then I got going on my 15 parts that needed attention, but due to the late hour they were all delayed by at least a day.
Was after 7:30 when I got home and we didn’t eat until 8:30. We had meatloaf. C always makes mashed potatoes with meatloaf, which I didn’t eat but C and Noni did. I helped clean up and take out the trash, so it was almost 9:30 before I plopped on the sofa. Noni had to drag M out of his room, and the cat hissed at them for making a commotion. Watched some Braves and The Middle.
Ceil is working to clean and straighten the house, which is a mess. I will need to take a trip to both Goodwill and the dump.

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