Thursday, August 03, 2017

Tech: Throws Too Much

Tuesday while running errands I was listening to 680. Brian Finneran said he was getting flack from Georgia Tech for saying they were probably among the worst teams running the two minute offense. GT countered with clips of two successful 2016 drives in the last two minutes. Sorry if I'm not impressed.

In 2016 Tech passed 23% of the time. I say that's way too much for a team built to run, with a QB that's a poor passer. That's too high of a percentage to surprise anyone with the pass. Perhaps Johnson called so many pass plays in an effort to open up the run more.

Matthew Jordan is a weaker passer than Justin Thomas was. Jordan hardly threw at all against Virginia Tech, and they won. He is a bull like Nesbitt, which is fine with me. Will be interesting to see if either of the youngsters push Jordan for playing time.

An anonymous ACC coach said Tech had less talent that almost everyone else in the league (with the exception of one young running back). Paul Johnson laughed it off, saying he hadn't been interviewed for the article.

Wednesday Braves: I didn't get home until 8 pm, but I watched most of the game after that. Chip and Joe had John Hart in the booth for the inning Santana hit his home run. Was interesting to hear all he had to say, about Albies, Carmango, and the other kids. While we may consider these things a minute or two, Hart and Coppy and Schuerholz and Snitker and working on these things all day long. Short term projections. Long term projections.

Did you read Jeff Schultz's column about the Braves playing the youngsters the rest of the way? That's what they're doing. It never was about this season anyway. Schultz was talking out of both sides of his mouth, especially about Dansby. Covering his tracks. Trying to have it both ways. He said the Braves made a mistake playing Swanson so long in the bigs (but if they hadn't he would've called for them to) - but Schultz also said it's too early to give up on Dansby.

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