Sunday, January 07, 2018

More FanFest

Standing next to Herschel makes a guy look old and out of shape, doesn't it? During my long wait, with my old phone I immediately went into battery saving mode. I'd been careful to board MARTA with a fully charged battery, but by noon I was down to 55%, even though I'd only used the phone to take pictures (for the most part). My phone made it through my Herschel meeting, though I hated missing some of Walker's responses to questions, when he proclaimed Jesus Christ as the answer to many of life's problems.
Some of the other players conducted interviews on the floor of Phillips Arena. Others just milled about and sat at the tables.
Plenty of places to get your picture taken. Three have yet to be delivered to me. I picked Georgia Tech in the Heisman House. The best was a 360 degree video from the Capital One area.
Spent time collecting bits in the Heisman House,
then they ran out of T-shirts.
With the trophy.
With Johnny Rodgers.
Moneychangers selling expensive trinkets in Phillips Arena.
At the College Football Hall of Fame Exhibit.
At the teachers school bus exhibit.
I should've gotten the Dr. Pepper cheerleaders to pose with me.

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