Saturday, August 04, 2018

Chopper's Birthday

Dark clouds gave way to bright sunshine,
and tonight's Stripers game was only delayed 29 minutes.
Small crowd due to the threat of thunderstorms.
I walked with Hugh to Section 119 and sat for a spell.
 Broke road the road jersey and tomahawk cap today.
The Fishing Chopper, the last bobble of the year in Gwinnett.
Alan helped me, so I easily scored seven bobbles.
Used rainout tickets for the first six, and bought a lawn ticket for one more.
Trading one for Kevin for A SunTrust bobble,
and one for tomorrow's Brewers Uecker bottle opener.
I'll give one to coworker Sam, and sell one cheap to LJ.
I've lowered the price but they're not selling. The market is flooded. 
 A Markakis All-Star tee. Also saw a Folty one.
Nice green jerseys for Norfolk, with large Oriole patches on the sleeve. Several players wore Stance Orioles socks.
Took this panoramic shot while Hugh was off rolling down the bank with Johnny's grandson Josef. That's Johnny on the right.
Big number 24 also wore the Orioles socks.
A better view of the Savannah Bananas kilts.
That's a Macon Bacon player on the right.
Dude at Gwinnett tonight was wearing a nice green Bananas replica jersey.

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