Friday, August 10, 2018

Hanging My Hat

Though I’ve worked for the same company for 31 years, I have worn several different hats, and have hung my hat at twelve different office locations. This does not include the eight month-long conversion road trips I took in the 90’s and 00’s.
1987 TMP receiving office
1988 TMP sales gold bldg office
1992 AS400 development blue bldg mezzanine
1993 AS400 training TMP conference room
1994 TMP quality gold bldg. plant office
1997 TMP scheduling mgr. gold bldg. office
1999 Washington conversion Lawrenceville
2000 Fab Dept. old HR office
2001 Fab Dept. North Berkeley Lake
2010 blue bldg. sales office 2nd floor 
2013 Program Team 3rd floor
2016 Textron Team 2nd floor

I have an old Tull catalog similar to the one pictured above, passed from Steve Murray to Steve Apostel to me. 

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