Sunday, August 05, 2018

Forgetting the Olympics

When David Hall reminded me that we had attended Olympic water polo together, it made me try to remember who went to the Olympics with me. I’m sure I have it written down in my 1996 scrapbook calendar, but without digging that out here’s my best recollection:
Track and field (Olympic Stadium) Ceil’s parents
Track and field (Olympic Stadium) my dad
Team handball (Congress Center) Will (he was 3 years old)
Women’s Field Hockey (Morehouse) Mr. Miller
Men’s basketball (Georgia Dome) Ceil
Water polo (Georgia Tech) David Hall
Baseball (Fulton County Stadium) Mark Weeks
Men’s Team Volleyball (The Omni) - Yearwood?
I was into the Olympics. Back then I had my own office in the plant. The walls were bare so I hung up a huge chalkboard. When the Olympics came I mapped out all the events for the two weeks of the games on the chaulkboard. That’s how I decided what tickets to order. Those were the days before social media and texting and email. People like me weren’t in contact with people like you and Lang as much. After the games I found out Lang had all these tickets. But I did get to a lot of events.
During the Olympics Ceil was eight months pregnant. The only event she wanted to go to was to see the USA men’s basketball team – the Dream Team. So we went down to the Georgia Dome. I knew our tickets weren’t great, but hadn’t looked to see exactly where they were. We went to the upper deck and started climbing the steps. Turned out our tickets were on the second row from the top. I got up there and looked down on the court. The players were warming up, and they looked like ants they were so far away. Ceil never made it to the seats. She couldn’t. So we climbed back down and went out to eat at Houstons instead. To this day she hasn’t sat in the upper deck again.
Worked until 6:30 on Monday night. Ceil cooked black beans and rice, and tossed a salad. We watched The Intern, the Robert DiNero movie.
I worked until 6:30 again on Tuesday. Month end plus the rain had traffic jammed. Matthew helped Ceil cook supper: salmon, chicken tenders, rice, broccoli, seasoned baked potato wedges. After supper and cleanup the Braves were just coming on. A pretty good game to watch.  
Usually on the first of the month I publish my list of bobbleheads being given away that month. Yesterday I forgot. Last month I also got the days mixed up and published on June 30 instead of July 1. Took me a couple of days to realize what I had done.
Went home at six yesterday on Wednesday. Ceil is back at school now. While she was fixing supper I fell asleep on the couch. Supper was a very tender baked chicken. Also tossed salad and whole grain rice with carrots, celery, and onions mixed in. Nothing on TV except a Hallmark Movie Mystery movie that had stolen the plot from You’ve Got Mail. Went to bed at 10:30. Barney didn’t get in the bed again.
Thursday: glad I wasn’t out there in the rain. That’s a good thing about working until six o’clock, traffic has lightened up a bit. During the day you got all those crazies out there in a hurry to get where they are going.
Ceil is on a health kick so dinner was “spaghetti” – healthy noodles with meatless sauce that had tomatoes and carrots. Also tossed salad. It was ok. Nothing on TV. Ceil watched Cinderella. I watched the football pregame and a little of the second half. Heisman winner Lamar Jackson didn’t look good at all. I missed Robert Griffin III, who usually plays a better QB. I can’t believe Terrell Owens is skipping the HOF induction ceremonies. As Tony Dungy says, for most guys it’s an unforgettable time not just for them, but also for their friends and family.
On the way to work Friday I mailed two eBay packages and stopped for bacon egg & cheese biscuits at McDonalds. Gotta stop eating them cause I don’t feel so great afterwards. Big lunch meeting today. Next Friday we’ll have another one – the third week in a row.
Anything on tap for the weekend? Not sure whether we’re going to Joel’s coffee party or not (we did).
I just traded a mascot bobble for a Bob Uecker bottle opener. They're selling for bobblehead-like prices on eBay.

The Grizzlies unveiled new uniforms yesterday.  
Best I ever bowled was between 150 and 179.

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