Tuesday, August 21, 2018

For the Fun of It

There are at least three two putt putts here in Atlanta. Up 85 near Gwinnett Mall www.piratescove.net/atlanta (27 holes) or over off 575 near Town Center www.mountasiamarietta.com (54 holes - $20 on line for unlimited golf). Across from Mountasia is an indoor kiddy course called www.monsterminigolf.com (they also have skee ball, but it looks LOUD). Mountasia looks like putt putt. Pirates Cove a little more goofy – the holes are located in and around a pirate ship. Stairs and hills to go up and down. Monster is all the way goofy. 

Summer Hours - Weather Permitting . Mon - Thursday 10am - 10pm. Friday - 10am - 10:30pm. Saturday 10am - 10:30pm. Sunday - 10am - 10pm. If you are unsure about the weather, please call first!
The putt putt course that used to be in Chamblee off Chamblee Tucker Road was flat. When I was at Tech we used to go up there. Wayne Price would bring his own putter. Hard these days to find a flat piece of property. On that Chamblee course the course one on the left was the easiest and the one on the right was the hardest, as I recall.
We used to play a course in Myrtle Beach that had a sign that said a national championship had been played there. Over the years we played five or six different courses around North Myrtle Beach. At night you’d have to wait to play every hole, which was miserable. During the day hardly anyone was out in the heat. We’d get the all you could putt for 24 hours tickets and play several rounds, then leave and come back later.
Last month we were in Destin and when I drove through Pensacola I saw one of the original old goofy golf courses from the 60’s, one of the last ones in existence, with a big green Dino the dinosaur.
Aug 9: Barney got groomed and seemed tired but happy last night. Didn’t lick or chew or bark much – too tired. I worked past 6:30 then drove straight home. Ceil cooked a chicken and rice dish. Also kale (bleh) and lentels. First time to crash on the couch since last week. Watched a Hallmark movie until just before it ended, and another episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I like it (she’s a fledgling comedienne) but it’s a little too blue for Ceil. She likes the 50’s era costumes.
Aug 10: M made it back from his whirlwind trip to Tybee Island last night (actually early this morning). In time to get some sleep before his shift at work today.
Aug 11: I was watching an interview with Walt Frazier about his life. At his restaurant the burgers have his number 10 toasted on the top of the bun. In college Walt spent a summer in Atlanta working in a cotton bale warehouse, throwing the cotton bales to build his muscles. When the owner heard he was a college boy he moved Frazier to an easier job. Walt asked to be moved aback. When he joined the Knicks all the veterans took him under his wing: Phil Jackson, Willis Reed, etc. Most players wore Converse and some adidas. Walt wanted to be different so he took to wearing Puma. They came out with a special Clyde shoe that sold so well they had to keep paying Frazier all these years later.
Aug 12: Scott and Robin Condra had been in our old SS class. Now they visited the class we moved to about a year ago. Their son will be a freshman at Sanford in Birmingham. Also saw MC’s mom, brother, and uncle.  
Last Tuesday we talked about the wings at work. Coworker Angie only eats a few things – mostly plain, but wings are on her list (when we ate at the Atlanta Athletic Club she ordered wings). Young Rachel is the complete opposite: the spicier the better. After all the wing talk, for lunch they brought back Wing Stop. Looked good.
Worked past 6:30. Lots to do. Stopped by RaceTrac for gas and a Coke. Dropped off stuff at Goodwill. Followed an old VW bus for ten minutes down by the river. Ceil cooked beans and rice for supper, and tossed a salad. The Hallmark Channel movie starred former teen idol Andrew McCarthy, now 55 year old – as a tough, quiet cowboy. I told Matthew that he was a member of the Brat Pack, and told him about the Rat Pack. Went to bed before the inevitable conclusion. Followed the Braves on my phone.
Wednesday: went on a little wild goose chase. A small order hadn’t shipped. We needed to get it tested, so since it wasn’t far I grabbed the material and drove it where it needed to go (after searching for it in two warehouses). I thought the place was in Suwanee but the address read Stone Mountain. I figured it was on the border of the two, so I took off in my car…85 to 285 to Stone Mountain Freeway. Got to the address and called the number – I had just driven 30 minutes in the wrong direction. I took a different route to the correct place, up Mountain Industrial to Jimmy Carter to 85. Hadn’t been that way in years and years. Turned out the place was just 13 minutes up the road, eight miles away from my office.    
Saw a short video on the internet recently, taken from a car on a road with four lanes of traffic headed the same way. The video was taken from the third lane from the left. The three lanes on the left were bumper to bumper, but the far right lane was more clear. A lady was crossing the street, not at an intersection or cross walk but just through the traffic. The cars in the first three lanes were barely moving, so it was easy for her to cross. The lady was looking down at her phone the whole time. She walked in front of the car taking the video, and kept walking into the clear far right lane without looking around the car in the third lane. The lady walked right into the path of a speeding minivan. The van hit the lady so hard she went flying over two car lengths. Looked like a dummy or it could’ve been fake, but it just as easily could’ve been real.
Wednesday I worked past six. Bought a nice pair of blue sneakers on the way home.

Friday afternoon Anna decided to drive over from Athens, and Ceil took her shopping for her birthday. Since they were out I worked late, until almost 7 pm. Ceil cooked salmon and grilled chicken, with tossed salad and several other side dishes. M had gotten off work at seven, so he ate with us. It was after nine when we sat down to eat. Later I watched a little of the Falcons game.
Will came over on Saturday morning for brunch: grits, eggs, scones, bacon, etc. Both he and Anna left not long after that. I trimmed tree branches in the yard and carried off the debris. Ceil went to make copies. I rested about 30 minutes and watched a little more of the Falcons game.
I’d forgotten all about The Varsity’s anniversary celebration – all menu items were 90 cents. People stood in line for 4 or 5 hours. That would’ve been too much of a wait for me.

Sunday lunch was a Whole Foods chicken. Supper was popcorn. Watched a Renee Zellwinger movie where she played Beatrice Potter. Didn’t do much else, but Sunday evening I was leaning over the couch reaching for a wire. Popped a rib out of place and boy does it hurt. Hard to breathe. May have to go to the doctor.
Monday night I worked until almost seven. Ceil made hash browns, tossed a salad, and warmed the rest of Sunday’s Whole Foods chicken. Was almost nine before we finished the dishes. Watched the Braves and a Hallmark movie.     
People treat other people bad, then wonder why others don’t call, write, or visit.

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