Monday, August 06, 2018

Up on the Roof

Friday night we went to Joel Norman's house for the celebration of their business. Big crowd of young people. We stayed too long. W&MC helped in the kitchen. Beer and toast were served. Also cookies, and a tasting of Bellwood Coffee. Got to talk to Ashley Corbett for a bit. There was a fussball tourney and free throw shooting contest.
Joel rents a room in a big square house just off Chattahoochee Avenue, near Top Golf and Nuevo Laredo Cantina. Several huge bedrooms, plus one floor with a large kitchen and living area. You can keep climbing the steps and go out on the rooftop. Lots of trees, but you can see the lights of downtown and midtown and Buckhead. Later the party moved out on the roof. Joel used his drone to take a picture (note the shadows on the house next door). A far cry from the tiny Hubcap I lived in.
One of Joel's roommates is the chubby-cheeked son of former SPdL members Chuck & Mary Dalzeil, who Edie may remember from children's choir. He still looks the same - just towers over six feet tall. Chuck and Mary live in the neighborhood across from JFBC.

Saturday morning I slept late, then took the CRV and M's Buick to the car wash for emissions tests. That meant cleaning them out first, so the car wash people could clean the interior. Also gassed up both cars and stopped by Wendys. That took till two o'clock.
Left at 2:30 for Gwinnett. Traffic was lighter than usual. Still took over an hour. My usual partners in crime didn't show, but several others took their place. Before gates opened I hung with Dusty, Eric, Alan, and Bobby. Small crowd. Sat a spell with old guys Johnny and Hugh. Yaz's grandson played for the rival Norfolk Tides.
Took unstressful back roads home, with surprisingly few turns. Rock Springs to Old Peachtree to Horizon to McGinnis Ferry to Jones Bridge to State Bridge to Alpharetta Highway to Roswell Road. Bridge Stopped by RaceTrac for a cold drink, Cheeseburger Bobbys for a burger and fries, and two thrift stores. Found a home for a nice pair of old school red suede Nike Blazer high-tops.
Sunday morning I drove down to Macon to see my parents. Taco Bell Breakfast. Olive Garden was super crowded for lunch. Mom had the soup. Dad has the salad. I had the lasagna.
Coming through downtown Atlanta on the way home I stopped by The Varsity for a chocolate shake and onion rings.
Over the weekend Will played gold at the old Chandler Park golf course near Little Five Points. MC went along to snap pictures. They also went to a local farmers market. Anna is knee deep into her duties for UGA sorority rush. Matthew had to work at seven am on both Saturday and Sunday.
Finishing up my book on Apollo 8. As much as I followed Gemini and Apollo back in the late 60's and early 90's, I never realized the Apollo capsule approached the moon flying backwards, facing away from the moon - so the rocket could fire to slow down the spacecraft, putting it in orbit around the moon. I knew that once Apollo left earth orbit the capsule turned around and pulled out the lunar lander from the third stage of the rocket. I always figured the capsule then turned back around to face the moon. Pretty sure the three TV networks covering the flights used graphics showing the spacecraft pointed that way. Turns out they were incorrect.

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