Saturday, August 25, 2018

New Hawks Throwbacks

The Hawks are wearing the light blue unis for their 50th anniversary. And the D League team is moving to College Park. I had no idea they were building an arena down there. That area needed a venue for concerts and high school games. I’ll have to get out to a D League game. 
I went out on the loading dock this afternoon and realized I was expecting a package. It wasn’t there then, but came to the front this afternoon. Cool! I opened them and let everyone see. I saw the Grizzlies new unis when they came out. I love the Grizzlies colors. Hilarious that y’all are sponsored by the Army, but I bet they were a more active/engaged than a lot of other sponsors might’ve been.   
I’d be ok if UGA didn’t wear black jerseys again, but I keep seeing recruits getting their picture taken in them.
See Tech’s new uniforms? Not too different. Nothing special. But now the players are saying the old Russell unis limited their arm and leg range of motion.
See the new Braves video about the new 2019 schedule? Funny.  Watched Acuna get hit and then Newcomb hit their first baseman. Good game.
The New Jersey Devils unveiled that throwback jersey and all I can think about was Elaine going to the game with Puddy scaring the priests.
Wednesday: worked to almost 6:30 last night. Ceil tossed a salad and made gaucomole. I made bean burritos. Was almost nine when I finished cleaning up. Braves and Last Man Standing. Bed by 10:30. 
Thursday: busy morning. Not even noon and I went through almost 170 emails.
Had Mellow Mushroom at Friday’s lunch meeting. Only are two pieces, plus a small salad. As usual afterwards I wasn't feeling that great. Bought a pair of slacks and two valuable bobbleheads on the way home. 
This is my weekend of burgers. I have a bunch of burger deals for my birthday, and cashing them all in this weekend. Red Robin tonight. Fuddruckers tomorrow. Cheeseburger Bobby’s on Sunday. Saturday night is game night at our friend’s house, and they might be grilling burgers for supper. Besides that just lots of housework: laundry, dishes, putting away clothes, cutting grass, blowing the drive, trimming hedges. Need to post some shoes on eBay (and give away two or three pair). Also wanted to take sermon notes. Sunday’s sermon should be good. Car sometimes runs hot, so I’ll skip tempting bobblehead games in Rome, Augusta, and Tennessee, and a golf tourney in SC.
This week concludes Bryant’s sermon series, "Objections to Christianity", with the message "How Can a Loving God Allow So Much Evil and Suffering?" with text taken from John 9:1-11 and Romans 8:28.
LLWS: I didn’t see the team from Georgia yet. If I watch they will lose. I hear Dansby and Culbertson talked to them.
I’m starting The Nightingale today. Finished Grisham’s Camino Island. 
Ceil went to SC for the big family reunion, just as her brother and cousin headed to the beach for a long weekend. Ceil’s brother’s oldest son graduated and took a job with the Clemson athletic department. As an undergrad he worked as a manager for the football team, holding up the play signs on the sidelines. Now he’s in charge of equipment for golf, soccer, track, and other Olympic sports. Keeps his dad outfitted in the latest Clemson duds. One time he traded with the Georgia Tech trainers to get me a 100% cotton GT t-shirt made by Russell Athletics.

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