Thursday, August 09, 2018

Eating Out

Speaking of eating out, I am really on a streak
FRI McDonalds biscuit
FRI Jason’s Deli sandwich and salad
SAT Wendy’s chicken sandwich
SAT Cheeseburger Bobbys
SUN Taco Bell breakfast burrito
SUN Olive Garden lasagna
SUN chocolate shake at The Varsity
MON Baskin Robbins ice cream
TUE Atlanta Bread Company Cuban sandwich
TUE ice cream and apple pie
WED more ice cream and apple pie
THU lime sherbet and a Klondike bar
FRI catered lunch meeting

Two photos from Anna Gilbert's wedding: Matthew goes for the garter (above) and Anna catches the bouquet (below).
Tuesday: still crazy busy at work. Left work at 5:30. W&MC and Matthew were all home for dinner. Will grilled the burgers with Matthew’s help. Also fries, onion rings, tossed salad, apple pie, and ice cream. 
Okie came over to play with Barney. Later we watched Ceil’s show on Amazon Prime TV. Set in the late 1950’s.
Wednesday: worked past six, delivered a bobble to downtown Duluth, stopped by a thrift store and Baskin Robbins. Ceil cooked tomato lentle soup and tossed a salad. Later she drove to the grocery and M went to the post office. M and a friend headed out to Savannah and Tybee Island. After all that it was nine. Watched some Braves and the Mrs. Maisle show we’ve been watching.
Braves/Nats: I did see the bad calls. The Nats player was Soto, right? The 19 year old? Guess the umpire made the calls to give more respect to the pitcher and show the rookie his place. Then it blew up on the umpire. Dumb dumb dumb. Just call a ball a ball and a strike a strike. If you mess up don’t try to go the other way for a make up call.
After the first bad call the ump probably didn’t like the kid complaining, so he made another bad call. Dumb dumb. Umpires think they’re big stuff. Not like the old days when they didn’t think the game was all about them. Even umpires have bad games I guess. But what’s worse is when the same umpire makes bad call after bad call, season after season. MLB doesn’t seem to have a system for getting rid of bad umpires. Like Angel Hernandez.
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