Saturday, November 25, 2006

Ball Blows Another One

Once again Reggie Ball found a way to lose the botching that first and goal. That second-down pass to Calvin was off, like many first half passes. The fumble resulting in the TD. Slipping on the two-point play. Game ending INT. Thankfully only two more games - probably losses.

The WRs haven't helped...drops by both Johnsons, Dunlap stepping out of bounds before getting the first. Kick returners standing there with the ball. Offensive lineman jumping. I can't type enough to keep with the mistakes. The Tech D gives up eight points - one touchdown. The offense was pittiful.

On the other hand freshman Matt Stafford showed what a real QB can do.

Didn't take the SEC replay official long to "review" the fumble recovery/touchdown by UGA. Both a Tech and UGA player were on the appeared the UGA player had recovered, the 43 hollered for his teammate to give him the ball. The ball should've been down at that point. Unbelievable. Perhaps when I see the replay 50 times I'll change my mind.

That play I saw. In the first half there were two pass interference calls right in front of the refs that weren't called, according to the radio.

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