Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving Recap

Typical Thanksgiving weekend. Got off at 4 pm, drove home, finished packing, picked up some Moes, then picked up Will at the Ewings. We hit the road at 6:30 pm. Traffic on 285 was bad, but we made it to Jefferson by 11:30…not too bad.

Got to sleep late four straight days, a luxury. No big dinner on Thursday, but we did have the big football game. I was pressed into service as quarterback, a rarity, but I didn’t embarrass myself too bad. That night we ate at Doris’ with the Miller crowd. With all the kids running around, there was little time for me to get on the internet or watch what I wanted to watch.

Dic Dac talked me into paintball on Friday. It was good for me to go for Will’s sake, just like playing in the football game. Will and the youngsters played six “games” and the four grownups faced off against the teenagers five times. We won twice – once we were all four closing in on Chase, the last survivor. As the inexperienced tag-along, I tried to stay in the middle of the action, drawing fire from the others, letting them sneak around on the outside. In one battle I was the last grownup to be killed, and in another I was next to last out. Only once was I first out, and even then the battle had been going on for a while. Worn out, the turkey tasted better that night. We sat around and chatted into the evening.

Saturday most everyone left early for the Clemson / Carolina game, so we slept in and took our time packing. On the way home we stopped by the Dekalb Farmers Market. Ceil shopped while I watched the end of the Tech / Georgia game. Sore, I also watched the USC / ND game and Wake / Maryland games. Consider the career Calvin Johnson could’ve had if he had Booty, Leinhart, or Stafford throwing to him.

Anna was a little under the weather, so Sunday I stayed home with her. I straightened up the house, washed the cars with Matthew, helped Will with homework, and checked on the Wallace’s cats. The kids watched “Annie” and Anna’s American Girl movie.

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