Saturday, November 25, 2006


Monday night I happened to stay up and watch Letterman. I was still up and remembered Seinfeld was the guest. They started talking about Michael Richards, and Jerry said he had spoken with him earlier in the day, and convinced him to appear on the show. He appeared from LA via video and looked very contrite and subdued…Richards was very apologetic, saying what he did was wrong, and that what he did had no place anywhere. He was quiet but rambled a little, and the entire segment became more uncomfortable. When it was over Jerry looked at Dave and said something like “what do you want to talk about now?”

Dan Patrick was also on, but hardly got any air time. He rarely wears a wedding ring, but said his wife cuts off cable TV for one month every year when school starts…which makes it tough on Dan, considering the business he’s in. He said instead he takes the kids to Hooters. I thought they might discuss the Mora Senior comments, but there was no time. Patrick has been at ESPN 18 years. I remember driving to work every day, knowing what time to tune in to Patrick on 96 Rock, talking to Chris Rude…the whole crew dragging out the word “Smoooollltz”. him, and George is a good guy for him to hang with.

Monday Afternoon one of the ladies in our neighborhood had left a message for Will to rake her yard. Will did the wrong yard, and had to do the right yard yesterday morning. Perhaps he’ll get paid for the other yard…another of his customers.

Will’s weekend was more exciting than mine. After working with George Friday, we went to Joel Norman’s basketball game Saturday, and stayed for several games. After the Hawks game he spent the night at the Normans and went to church with them. Then they went over to another friend’s house all afternoon, getting home after me…around 7:30. Those were the days.

While in Macon I started jotting down all the places Ceil and I have gone together…if you average it out, we’ve taken about 1-1/2 trips per year…not including stays at the in-laws or work trips. Not bad for a couple of non-travelers. Today I checked…I have 3 more vacation days…only one is spoken for, just after Christmas.

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