Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dr. Denmark Update, etc.

Becky Norman got Ceil to take our kids to Dr. Denmark…see the article?

Seems like Schuerholz would really manage things just like he always does. You don’t think he’s any more desperate, or perhaps he and Cox want to go out with a bang next year. We do have lots of middle infielders, so Giles could indeed go. You’d think he’d concentrate on the pen, and perhaps one more big bat, as opposed to relievers. But perhaps he’ll be more willing to open the minor league cupboard this time to better stock the roster. They should keep Salty, but he won’t make the big club out of spring training, after the 2006 he had. But would they trade Horacio?

People say that about needing a “true leadoff hitter” when Furcal more often swung for the fences. He was usually not 100%. They also forget that usually a leadoff hitter only leads off one or two innings a game.

I was tuned in to all the buildup about Cremins' return, but missed the recap yesterday and today. He's been in Sports Illustrated and everything. Probably not worthy of a Lang article yet. I wonder if Lang went to the Hip Hop Awards at the Fox…I hear he was in town.

Sunday night on Sports South they followed the Hawaii football team as they traveled to Atlanta, practiced at Tech, and played in Tuscaloosa...Jerry Glanville and June Jones were the main characters. June is so laid back that he probably enjoys having Glanville around to command all the attention, so June can sit back and scheme for the offense.

Have y'all tried the Boneheads restaurant? Several locations, with one in Peachtree Battle. My co-worker likes it, and I was wondering if it was any good. A place my in-laws might like…I’m not big on seafood. Reid says “It's Boneheads, and it is one of our standards. You have to like fish and spicey food, but we have eaten there probably 15-20 times. And rather cheap. Speaking of cheap, 5 Guys in Lindberg Station has THE best hamburgers. They only sell 3 things, hamburgers, hot dogs, and french fries many different ways. Very family oriented, and all the free peanuts (shelled) you can eat. We have eaten there probably 5 times.”

Clark Howard says that since Wal-Mart wasn’t doing so good, that they have already started offering black Friday specials. You may already know this…check the circulars, or this web site may talk about it as well. I think other stores are having other similar early sales.

The Avenue sent out an email telling when Santa would arrive. He would be accompanied by “Howie the Hanukah clown”

KidStuf was great when we first started…with Bryan Coley and other real actors who made it good. Then they started to repeat, and newer characters weren’t as good. This year two of the original actors are running things, and it’s better than ever. They recently told a Bible story using a Queen rock opera.

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