Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ceil's Birthday

I was off yesterday, so I have a lot of catching up to do...including writing recaps on the weekend, Clemson game, and Will's game. Didn’t break out the laptop all weekend, except to listen to the end of the GT game Saturday night…something I’ve never done before.

Yesterday I was helping Will with a book report. He has to re-write another book report for next week, and has two more book reports due in 5 weeks. The toothpick bridge isn't due until February, but I want to see past examples of good bridges first...the bridge has to withstand a weighted load to see how well it was built.

Went to Jalisco's and Lenox last night for Ceil's birthday. I see they're building another Peachtree high-rise pretty close to SPdL. The Pink Pig opened this past weekend. We parked next to it, and no one was there at 7:45 pm, just the employees. Not like the old days on top of the downtown store…now it’s in a heated tent. We may go back to shoot a Christmas Card photo. At Jalisco’s we were seated next to two of Jimmy Ewing’s cousins/roommates, so we had a chat.

Will doesn’t like the white adidas that came from Coke. He likes the shoes, but not the white/blue…and I’m having a hard time finding them anywhere to swap. I hate it when you get kids shoes that they don’t wear. Around the house during the cold months I wears these neon yellow Reebok pump running shoes that I bought on a whim, on sale, on my birthday several years ago. I hardly wear them out, except perhaps to Kroger or a movie, though I did run the Peachtree in them one year (I try to wear a different pair every year). Yesterday Will picked up the shoes, perhaps interested in wearing them. Guess I’ll let him.

That Falcons game was exactly what gets me about football, what I was trying to say last week. Old-school Jeff Van Note was saying on the radio that at the pro level the coaches can only motivate so much…that the players have to motivate themselves. Some say you can’t get up for every game, which may be true…but hey, it’s only 16 games a year…why not? How many games do you play in a career? Not many, compared to how many days and weeks you live.

I’m sure Wes Durham had fun finished the GT game in Raleigh after 11 pm, then traveling to Detroit for the 1 pm game the next day.

Interesting Bradley column today with some truth to it. Since Bradley came from Kentucky years ago, no surprise he went back to cover the game. More heat on Richt. Being a kicker guy, the poor performance by Andy Bailey is interesting. Also will be fun to see how the punter does with the kicking…at least he won’t be rattled by the circumstances.

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