Monday, November 20, 2006

Basketball Notes

Will went to the Hawks – Heat game Saturday…Katherine took Joel, Charles, and Will. Like Saturday, there was at least one game last season in Atlanta that Shaq sat out. Will said he wasn’t even there, which is unusual.

See where Lefty Driesell has two nephews that walked-on…one at Tech and one at Georgia State? How does one walk on, or try out? I know a freshman at Tech who wanted to walk on, but he said they didn’t have tryouts this fall. What should he do? John Hoffer played for the “Flight” team in high school…coached by former NBA player Ronaldo Lamb. John’s younger brother looks like a normal kid, but starts for the Flight 9th grade team…as well as the JV and varsity. Several locals walked on at UGA recently and got to see considerable PT.

Will wore my old two-tone Nike Air Flight high tops all weekend…guess they’re his new favorite shoes. Wednesday he wore some Nike Shox…so after wearing the new $100.00 adidas microrides once or twice, they’ve sat since then. I’ve got to get over it. Thursday we’ll play football in SC, and Friday he’ll play paintball…I’ll skip that, and work on my spreadsheet of games I’ve attended. I still have over 8 years to review.

My sister is big into tennis, instructing and refereeing in Macon…in the past she’s applied to be an official at the US Open, but was never selected. She was an Olympic volunteer at the tennis venue…gave me an unopened can of Olympic tennis balls. She played HS basketball back in the 6-girl days, where you had 2 on offense, 2 on defense, and 2 rovers.

Reid says, “I go back further than that. They first had 3 offense, and 3 defense with NO rovers, then they started allowing 1 to rove. My dad used to take me to see the Sports Arena Blues play on Sunday afternoons at the old Sports Arena.”

Mom had rotator cuff surgery Thursday in Macon and came home Saturday. They thought they’d just have to scrape bone spurs, but the whole thing was torn. Dad is 75 and stuff like yard work wears him out. I went Saturday morning and spent the night. My brother is going next weekend.

Haven’t sent my position paper to my sister about Christmas, though writing it helped get the argument straight in my head. I discussed it with my mom several days ago. My sister does do so much, taking care of my parents and her in-laws (her mother-in-law has been in a coma for over a year). She turned 50 this year. That’s what’s tugging on me…to some extent I’d like to make the effort as a gift for her. Perhaps I’ll take off that Friday.

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