Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hawks Improving

Yesterday afternoon my friend John Kincaid was talking to Hawks owner Bruce Levinson. Levinson was quite knowledgeable about the Hawks and Thrashers personnel, and thought the Hawks were a lot closer to making a playoff run than many people think. He said they targeted Claxton because last year they had no one that could stop small scorers, and L. Wright and Shelden Williams were brought in to fill the need in the paint. Levinson said once Marvin and Speedy recover from their injuries things will get better.

Levinson appears to be a hands-on owner, also dealing with marketing, public relations, the game experience, etc. He had learned from other owners the need for him to encourage when the team loses as well as when they win. They told him that continuity is a big deal, which could explain their patience with Billy Knight. Levinson said the got rid of some disruptive influences, even though the Hawks didn't get a fair return.

He was also high on the bench, with Lue, Wright, Childress, Salim, etc. He was at the game in Washington and said the right player took the last shot (Johnson), though Salim was also calling for the ball. Good that several guys wanted to take the last shot.

Sounds like Joe Johnson is trying to step up. I don't mind him getting mad at the refs for not calling fouls on the opposition...sounds like he's got some fight in him.

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