Friday, November 03, 2006

Sports Illustrated

The SI article on Andre Agassi was pretty interesting. That's why I like the SI articles...they delve so much deeper than most other publications. It was in the July 17th issue with the Mets on the cover...I'm up to date on the recent SI's, and now I'm working my way backwards. That Mets article wasn’t too bad either. The way that GM operates, you almost want to root for them. It’s always easier when you’ve got money to throw at players.

You know I’m all over the cost of SI. That’s about the cheapest I’ve seen as well…I usually re-up for 20 issues at a time, though recently the cost has gone up slightly…from a low of perhaps even 50 cents an issue (usually .65 – .75) to a high of around a dollar. I’m going from memory…that’s one thing I don’t track! I’ve seen the inducements for the auto-resubscribe but figured there were disadvantages to that. Same with the AJC, though I’ve let my weekend subscription lapse…instead picking up a Sunday paper here or there.

Since Greg Maddux filed as a free agent, does that not mean that he can’t re-sign with LA until May? Where do you think he will end up. Considering the 2006 he had, he should get a few offers. Will he be able to sign with SD, LA, or Arizona, like he wishes? Interesting about the Glavine negotiations…knowing the Mets aren’t afraid to spend and the state of their pitching staff, he has them where he wants them. Is he the one the Mets don’t want to get away to the Red Sox?

For some reason I thought that GT punter went to my high school. He did go to the private school a block from my house, so my dad probably saw him play…I’ll see if he remembers him. Interesting AJC article today, but as a football player he’s probably getting ribbed now about the fox hunting. Hopefully he won’t have a bad game now that he got the big write-up, like Calvin. Several times lately I’ve heard Calvin referred to as a senior, when in fact he’s a junior. Do they mean this is his last season at Tech?

Any more thoughts about the Hawks, after opening night? They have the youngest team in the NBA. A dad of one of Will’s former teammates was talking about the NBA refs Sunday…turns out he works for Atlanta Spirit LLC. The Hawks’ web site says they need an accountant, by the way. Not much else going on...watched some TNT last night...guess there no close-ups of Ernie on purpose. I was just looking at our hoop, thinking it was time to start shooting again...Will is so competitive!

Lang is coming in town for a shoe show next week or week after next and is being housed at The Twelve, a new fancy hotel in Atlantic Station. Lang’s recent article on Vick had a thought similar to what I had recently said…thanks to his contract, the Falcons are “stuck” with him for a while. Hopefully Vick will continue to play like he did last week. This would be a good year…there’s not that many strong NFC teams. The Seahawks may do well when Hasselback and Alexander come back from injuries, well rested and not banged up…and charge through the playoffs like the Cards.

We are driving up to Greenville to spend the night. The game is at noon. Ceil’s brother is like me, likes to get to the game early…we have to meet him down in Anderson at 9 am. Could be chilly in the upper deck…guess I can’t wear my old red Nationals cap, which could be construed as a Maryland fan. I told Will he couldn’t wear Under Armour, since the Terps are sponsored by them. There had been a chance that Will could've played in a Colt Tourney, but it doesn’t start until Sunday.

My coworker just moved from Flowery Branch to a new condo where Lindbergh Plaza used to be, with walking distance of that Home Depot and a new Target, as well as the MARTA station. They like Mexican, so I told him about Jalisco's. They take their dog to Piedmont Park every weekend, and go to movies at Atlantic Station instead of Lenox or Phipps.

Wednesday the two alpha women in the office were out…and Damon decided we needed to rearrange some office furniture and throw out junk. We all received an invitation to the Sales Division Christmas dinner at Forgo de Chaos – a first for our department. Last year we did go out with the Division VP.

Yesterday I drove the van to work. After everyone else left at 5 pm, I realized I didn’t have a key to lock the door. I had to go out the back door and leave the alarm off. I’m just waiting for the day I come to work and leave my laptop at home.

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