Saturday, November 25, 2006

Watching Basketball With the Guys

Don’t know if I’ve ever seen a GT team make so many inside shots. Supposedly they beat Purdue with three-pointers, but against Memphis they distained the outside shot and continuously worked it inside. Seemed like the refs were calling a foul on ever possession - everyone was in foul trouble for both teams. Memphis had a guy foul out with ten minutes to go.

Nice to see Tech play under control so much, especially considering their youth. In contrast, Memphis was throwing up wild three-pointers when there was plenty of time to run the offense. On defense they also fouled often, creating numerous three-point plays for Tech. Tech was lucky against the Memphis press…having a hard time dribbling up or making short passes, instead repeatedly resorting to more dangerous longer passes.

Tech went from 19 down before halftime to over 11 up…a swing of over 30 points. I’d like to see one of Reid’s running scoresheets from that game.

I had been upstairs cleaning up during the first half, before going to pick up Will at the Ewings. Before leaving I had called, but no one answered. Voicemail picked up…still with Jenny’s voice. Jim answered the door, and we sat down with George and John Hoffer to watch the last 13 minutes. GT had already cut the deficit to seven. Earlier in the day Jim had been bird hunting near Jasper, a work related function.

We marveled at the number of Tech fans at the game. I learned one of our Atlanta salesmen, Tom Bowling, played basketball for Tech years ago, and was spending the week in Maui with his wife. This Saturday morning they arrive back at Hartsfield, and are driving straight to Athens. Supposedly he goes to most all GT sporting events, home and away.

Late Tuesday afternoon Ceil ran into Susan Coley and wound up keeping Houston and Haviland. Anna was at a friend’s, but Matthew did a good job playing with both of them. Houston is about the same as always. Haviland is almost as cute as Charlotte. Bryan and Susan were picking them up when I got home. Bryan is so busy with ArtWithin, traveling, etc. that he no longer does much at Buckhead Church, and they’re not even in a small group. Susan was in a women’s group.

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