Saturday, November 25, 2006

Four Things I Learned About The Mick

Read in SI about that new Mantle book by Mickey Herskowitz?
Learned four interesting things:

1. Mantle was posing for pictures with characters from Disneyland. When the photographer asked Goofy to move to the right, Mantle slid over.

2. During a break on a radio show, Mantle asked Paul Simon why the line from Mrs. Robinson (where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?) wasn’t about him. Simon, a Mantle fan, said the syllables weren’t right.

3. Mantle had a great knuckleball…once broke the nose of rookie catcher Jay Gibbs on the sidelines.

4. Son David attended an old-timers game at Arlington Stadium where Mantle received an extended ovation. David was so moved he called it “a defining moment.”

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