Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Trader Joe's

Have y’all been to Trader Joe’s? The one in Roswell / Crossville Road has opened, and Ceil went there yesterday for the first time, and liked it. The East Cobb store will be very convenient, except actually turning into the shopping center. My co-worker that used to live in Seattle, who just moved down to Lindbergh, said they loved Trader Joes. The closest one to them will be Sandy Springs.

Will’s game last night was rained out…perhaps they’ll play Thursday or Friday.

My mom is having shoulder surgery next week and the recovery is supposed to take two months. My sister is stressed, because she has to do everything, since my brother and I live up here. She does do everything, but I may be spending a few weekends in Macon…just in time for the holidays. My sister is spending the week before Christmas in a St. George’s island rental, and wants everyone to come down Dec 22 – 24…three of Ceil’s most stressful days of the year, as we are never ready for the holidays. I have to work that Friday, so if we went, we’d leave in that traffic and arrive around midnight. Then Sunday morning we’d pack up and drive straight to SC (if we could pack everything in our van). Perhaps New Year’s will be peaceful…looks like Clemson has played their way out of the Chick-fil-A Bowl.

These wins for the Hawks are nice confidence builders. They aren’t the Mets, but the more the Mets won, the easier it was.

We had a problem late yesterday and early this morning with our customer in Athens, Carrier. This morning we called our fabricator in Troy Tenn. (Mapquest it), and their friend is flying them into the Lawrenceville airport, and we’re meeting in Athens this afternoon (not me this time, though). These guys from Troy had tickets to the Series game in StL that was rained out, so they had to get a hotel and stay over until the next day.

On Will’s Pony team this fall he was reunited with an old teammate who had played for years with him. He’s a junior, and it was nice to hang out with his dad this fall. Yesterday when talking to him, he said he recently googled his name, and found a link to my FoxSports blog, where I had mentioned him. He liked it. Paul batted after Will in the order and had knocked in Will several times, which was mentioned in my recaps. I looked, and that wasn’t the first one that popped up.

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