Monday, November 20, 2006

Tech / UGA Buildup

AJC headline…Georgia fan says, "I could live with going 1-10 as long as the one win is against Tech." Based on the heat on Richt this season, there are many UGA fans that do not share this view.

Since Tech did so well against mighty Duke (as they should have), that bodes bad going into the UGA game…there will be many GT players with the big head, and they won’t be as hungry as they should be. Today’s headline says they’re ‘confident’, which usually translates into ‘over-confident’ at Tech. Fortunately UGA’s nice win over Auburn will have the same result…just not to the same degree. Tech’s defense will be tough, but the UGA defense can very well shut down Reggie Ball, which would shut down Calvin Johnson. A UGA win would not surprise me at all.

Caleb King committed to UGA, so Damon is happy here. King will have to spend a year getting his grades up at a place like Hargrove, but next year UGA has their 3 good backs back…plus they have the NJ redshirting that was a top recruit.

I’m not that crazy about Davies…Glavine would be expensive. I’ll have to stay with Schuerholz and Cox wanting to go out with a bang.

Friday we had small group. Ceil is in the Christmas shopping mode, though historically you know we let things slide to the last minute. Perhaps soon we’ll get the kids pictures taken near the Pink Pig for a card, at which we’re also bad.

Will is working with George Ewing again. Will has been working hard on his English class he takes with Joel Norman. There are lots of book reports and he has two assignments due around December 12th…tough for an active boy like him, but he’s starting to get the ball rolling.

The Normans were looking around for a new church home and visited several area churches, and seem to have settled on the little East Cobb Presbyterian not far from us, where Will goes on Wednesday nights. There are several other Living Science families there and other people we know...Will's baseball coach just started attending there as well.

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