Friday, November 03, 2006


Will went over to the Normans to trick-or-treat. That was no surprise, since Tuesdays he sees them at his science and English classes. Will has other friends on Wednesdays and Thursdays. He dressed as a Clemson fan, because he had the outfit. Anna was a detective. Ceil sewed a topcoat for her because Ceil likes to sew Halloween costumes. Anna wore one of my grandfather's old business hats, like men used to wear to day baseball games. She got hot quickly and shed the coat. Matthew was Peter from The Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe. Ceil made him a red tunic with a lion on it the looked pretty good. He came home barefoot...Ceil carrying his Crocs.

Matthew was the oldest boy in his trick-or-treating group…there were three slightly younger boys, plus Anna and a younger girl. Matthew told me that whenever they would come to “a house with a skeleton” that the younger boys would make him go first…which he didn’t mind. He also said he loved to play with our neighbor’s huge dog “Bear”…which all the other kids in the neighborhood are scared of. He’s not afraid of anything…meaning he isn’t like I was as a kid.

We didn't have that many trick or treaters...had about half the candy left. Yesterday was the typical month early as you get stuff done, something always pops up at the end. I switched two numbers, which will be a little confusing for the customer, but overall it comes out in the wash. Traffic wasn't too bad on the way home, but it wasn't a breeze.

We were always about staying in our neighborhood to trick-or-treat. Several from the small group like to go out together, but we didn’t. I had started to feel bad Tuesday afternoon, my sinuses and head in particular. So I got Ceil to take the kids, and she had to go around with a couple of dads. I did clean up the house and ground some beef while she was gone.

One year for some reason I took Lang and his sister trick-or-treating. I always remember taking them to see “Temple of Doom” in a packed Lenox theatre, having to sit on the first row, and running into some girls from the church singles group.

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