Saturday, November 25, 2006

Uni-Watch Mention!

Was mentioned in the Uni-Watch Blog today, thanks to this email...

Over a year ago we swaped a few emails regarding my quest to identify when the Braves wore thick, large, red names on their backs. I finally found a few jerseys in the Braves museum at Turner Field, and the curator said they were from around 1963.

Your recent Uni-Watch blog link to complete sets of scanned baseball cards made me think of this again. I made my way to the 1964 Topps set and started scrolling. There are several examples, starting with Eddie Matthews (35) and Ty Cline (171). Keep scrolling to find more...the best example is 351, Don Schnieder. Also 218.

There are other great examples of recent discussions, including windbreakers under unis. I always remember seeing this on old 1960 era baseball cards...454 is Tommy Aaron, also 412 Ray Culp. Juan Marachal (280) wore his windbreaker inside out!

Also great old gloves (123), and dig the classic poses - even managers with hands to their mouths...hollering instructions. Many players wearing glasses...247 is Richie Allen. Lee Walls (411) has a brown batting glove. 321 shows the Houston Colt 45s wore the Texas state flag patch.

Jim Bouton, Tony LaRussa (244), Tim McCarver, Lou Pinella, Don Zimmer (134), Tony C (287), and many more. A great set. Card 498 shows a navy Senators cap with red piping. 356 is Chico Ruiz, 326 is Casey Stengel. Dave DeBusschire is 247.

Striped socks...224 and 221. I could go on and on!

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