Friday, September 30, 2011


More analysis on the Braves...there's always multiple factors to a season. Many rightly still blame Fredi and Lowe, even though the offense isn't scoring runs. Like Francoeur, there's a good chance Heyward matures into a decent MLB player. Perhaps the Derek Lee / Fred McGriff comparisons will be accurate. Reminds me of college diaper dandies going pro early, then not becoming productive for the team that drafted them (if at all).

Had a rare productive evening Wednesday night myself. Washed, folded, and took all the laundry upstairs while watching the game. Interesting night, with the four deciding games all on TV. Stayed up til the end.

Kinda glad the Red Sox lost, to keep all those "fans" quiet. Should be a decent playoffs, since I like to watch the Yankees, Rays, Phillies, Brewers, and Cards. The Tigers and Rangers are ok to watch as well.

Co-worker went to the game Tuesday night (bought dollar StubHub outfield tickets). He ran into our old boss. Said he hadn't changed much.

Will said that after he just missed hitting the homer, he popped up the next two times he batted. He's looking at different colleges for next year, and seriously considering UGA. He discussed rooming with his former East Cobb teammate. Next semester he may switch to Kennesaw.

At work Wednesday we had a meeting from 9 am til 12:30 pm, then we went to lunch. Had a triple decker chicken salad sandwich on toasted bread at the Duluth Diner, better than but similar to a club sandwich. It's one of those diners with a huge menu, but most everything there is good. Sometimes I get the club, and the chicken Philly cheese sandwich is also good. Didn't get back til after 1:30, so it made for a day that went quickly.

Being quarter end, there was a lot to do. Monday young Thomas and I are taking inventory in Augusta. So next Tuesday and Wednesday will be busy as well.

Kids always get sick on parent's birthdays…especially mom's.

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