Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mark and Leo

Yesterday I got a call from Mark Fallis, an old friend. We’d met for lunch a few months back and got reacquainted. He was on the way over to buy some metal. I quickly coordinated the small order and went out to see him when he arrived.

Though never a huge sports fan, Mark said he’s working on a computer project with Leo Mazzone. Said he’d explain the details later, but mentioned Leo is not at all technical. Leo heard someone was masquerading as him on Facebook, and told Mark to “fix” it. Mark looked it up on Facebook, and quickly discovered that I was “Leo’s” friend.

Sunday night I was watching the MLB Network’s plays of the week…at least 60 plays. Francoeur had five plays all by himself, including the overall number one play. Robbed a homer, made another catch at the fence, threw a runner out at third, made a diving catch, and threw a batter out at first on a single to right. These days Francoeur looks as skinny as he was as a rookie.

Another edge-of-the-seat Braves game last night. Don’t know why Uggla slowed down on his way to cover first. That second ball Venters missed may have been spinning. Perhaps Gonzo and Heyward are bouncing back.

Got to admit, Friday’s Star Wars parade should be one of the more interesting promotions. Far better than the Wild West days.

M had practice Monday night. Playing second, he snared a hard line drive. I pitched in the cage: a bucket of balls to all nine in attendance. I moved the L screen up pretty close, making dodging line drives all the tougher.

Will came along, and was asked to instruct the pitchers on the intracies of pitching from the stretch. Then he pitched to 20 or so batters. Tonight in his 8 pm game he may have to pitch and catch.

Co-worker Dialysis Darryl had given me a bag of his son’s old clothes, including two expensive hoodies. In the car on the way to practice Will went through the clothes like a girl at Fellini’s Closet. Stopped at a light, he found a shirt he wanted to immediately put on…so he opened the door. After practice he put on the shirt again, then wore it to school today.

Fun-loving David Bartlett (slugger Willie’s younger brother and Coach Henry’s son) is a freshman at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain . David is practicing with the baseball team…good for him. Like Willie, he’s always a head’s up player. Unlike Willie, he’s not exactly a natural. Willie is at UGA, but not playing baseball.

Will’s long-time coach took his son and several other Crown players and formed a separate home-school team, playing under the banner of the “school” his wife runs at Johnson Ferry Baptist. They’re practicing at MP, and it appears he’s actively recruiting. Will’s former basketball teammate Isaac played as an 8th-grader. I had given the coach Isaac’s name several years ago. Now he’s a senior, and he’s finally playing baseball again. They’re not playing in Will’s fall league.

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