Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Still Bullish on the Braves

Tough loss in Miami Monday night. Earlier in the day Mark Bowman tweeted about a guy on his plane saying the Braves were in a tough spot. Bowman disagreed, up 3-1/2 with nine to play. The “fans” on the AJC blogs also say the Braves are finished. I shouldn’t let it bug me, or take offense, though I often do. Some fans wouldn’t be happy even if the Braves went 162-0 and swept the playoffs.

Saying last night’s loss was Fredi’s fault is like blaming Bobby when Hrbek pushed Gant off first and Lonnie Smith got deked running the bases. Like me, the Braves and Marlins won’t miss that ballpark. Interesting that Maddox has the most wins as an opponent, and Glavine the most losses.

Things may not look good, but at least the Braves are ahead in the race, and not behind. Even should the Braves make the playoffs, they’re not going in on a hot streak, but there’s still time. But neither are the Phils or Brewers, really. With the injured pitchers, I’d be happy with making the playoffs. But anything short of sweeping the Series will bring out the haters.

I try to not drag my friend’s opinions into my blog, but in these head-drooping days, it’s good to have another upbeat, expert opinion. I know at least one of my readers will appreciate it. The CPA says:

I still think it is hard to win games unless you get "quality starts". Other than Hudson, starters are not going deep enough in games and they are giving too many runs in the innings they pitch. If Minor 49'er had of thrown a QS (only giving up 3 runs instead of 4) last night, Infante's HR would have only tied it. I don't blame the rookies for that, because of course they are rookies (without looking it up, I don't think Glavine-Smoltz-Avery had many QS in '87, 88, and '90). The bullpen can't be perfect every night.

I think Delgado will give them a good start (and a win) tonight. It worries me that Lowe is going on Wed - hopefully this will be the last Lowe start of his Braves career. Over the weekend, they have Huddy, Beachy and Minor vs the Nats. Those are winnable games. Coming back against the Phillies, you would have Delgado, Hansen and Huddy (if needed). Hopefully they will have it wrapped up before the Phillies series.

Will drove Matthew to practice early yesterday, for extra BP. During practice the coach had Will work with the pitchers. This worked out well, since they needed the repetition. Still, not all the pitchers were able to take a turn. Infielders took grounders and made throws…more good repetition. Outfielders took fly balls. No BP, though everyone had two “at-bats.” Back home Matthew said he was liking fielding better than hitting. Interesting, since he still shies away from the hard hit balls.

I was able to pitch a bucket to Will before practice. Will was dressed like a camp counselor, in outdoor T shirt, shorts, and sandals. He wanted me to hit him grounders after practice, but a struggling player asked for more BP. Will fed him soft toss, then pitched to him until it was dark.

Will has been to 68 professional baseball games…only two this year.

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