Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Welcome New Followers!

Just noticed I have a couple of new blog followers, which pleases me to no end.

Wonderful to have you, Peggy, and I hope you’re not disappointed! You will find I dump lots of stuff here. You will like the things I write about Macon, however rare that is. You may have already read my memories about Dallas Foster and Stan Putnal. If you search, there are a few essays about Central football. I may have mentioned Don Lott a few times: our friendship continued through college, and we were in each other’s wedding.

Besides family activity and the Braves, I’ll also mix in the occasional theater and concert review. Songs I re-write, and skits I write. And shoes.

I went to high school with Peggy. She played clarinet in the Sugar Bear Band and drove a cute little blue Opel. I’ll always remember hearing how Peggy locked her keys in her car…while it was still running (sorry…not that I’ve never locked my keys in MY car!). Years later, Peggy seems to lead a cool life out in Oklahoma, where she plays music and makes snow cats (in season).

Peggy, back in 2002 I enjoyed working in Tulsa for a month, with some great people. Even met an aunt I never knew.

My other official blog followers include:

Christiana: Encouraged me to write the Expedition Skit, which very well may be the springboard into the larger world of writing. Good kid. Reader Kevin’s sister.

Don: My good buddy from our college and single days.

Elin: shares my love of shoes and theater. Everything Elin posts on Facebook is worth reading. BFF of Haley Hurt. Even Mary Hurt likes her!

Matthew: my youngest son. Reads my blog to see what I say about him. Smart.

My mother. Dad is a reader, but not a follower.

Nita: my sister. Reads my blog then relays the news, often getting half the facts wrong.

Oklahoma Exile: friend of Peggy?

Thomas: co-worker, computer wiz.

another guy

Other regular, “unofficial” readers include news-hounds Bryan, Ceil, James, Jimmy, Kelly, Lang, Lynn, Noelle, Paul, Reid, and Rob.

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