Friday, September 09, 2011

Rough Times in Philly

Good Braves game to watch Wednesday night. Hated that they lost. Getting worried about the playoffs, but we still have time to get hot, and the Brewers and Phillies have time to falter. Read the SI on the Brewers. I'm not a N. Morgan fan, after all the unsportsmanlike stuff he's pulled. Had I read the article immediately I would've written the editor.

JJ could very well be traded this offseason, especially after this most recent injury. Even if Lowe also is dealt, it would be nice if he went on a Sept/Oct run.

See the Philly fan wearing full catcher gear? My BP friend knew a lot about that guy who dresses as an Indian for every game. Been to over 1500 straight games.

Saw a guy at the concert with a Man vs. Food nation T shirt. Love that show.

Will is loving Ga Perimeter. Got the highest grade in the class on one test. He was amazed the lady sitting next to him had an 18 year old child. He's also meeting with a math teacher to prepare for the ACT. Says he's ready. Last night I proofread a paper he wrote.

Saturday M and W's teams play back to back games on the same Mt. Paran field, at 9 and 11 am. M usually doesn't have trouble making contact, but last night I was throwing strikes and he whiffed on a whole bucket. Don't know if I was throwing slower that he'd gotten used to at practice, or he didn't care, or if his new meds had an effect. He will wear number 41, which I chose over 42, 43, or 39.

Will's former Living Science classmate Robert Davis played home school football (WR), then took classes at Kennesaw for a year or two. This summer he walked on at UGA and made the team as a LB. Got to work out with Herschel. He was pumped about dressing out this past Saturday. Interesting to read his Facebook updates.

I missed the ESPN 30/30 on Herschel Wednesday night, but will watch it as soon as I can.

Claire's baby won the part of Cameron Diaz's baby on What to Expect When You're Expecting. She went back for more filming Thursday, at the GWCC.

Thursday we brought in Mellow Mushroom pizza for lunch.

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