Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Throwing Arms: Tech and Braves

TECH: Everyone is high on Tech’s great passing game, but after finally seeing Tevin Washington in action I’m still not blown away by his weak arm. His passing has certainly improved over the offseason, but balls still seem to hang up in the air and flutter too often. He might’ve gotten away with it against the three weaker opening opponents, but stronger teams like Virginia Tech, Miami, and Georgia will pick him apart.

Of course, I have no problem with Tech running the ball more. Washington’s grasp of the option’s nuances is better than Nesbitt’s, and Paul Johnson’s deep pool of talented running backs bodes well. I was not impressed with backup QB Syms, whose running and pitching seemed stiff compared to Washington.

BRAVES: With Jurrigans and Hanson injured, Fredi is almost forced to pitch Lowe. After Hudson, all that’s left are rookies Beachy, Minor, and Delgado. This very well could be Lowe’s last ever start as a Brave. The magic number is six, with 14 Braves and Cardinals games to go.

Nice that O’Flanery, Venters, and Kimbrel got Tuesday night off. I was still up when the Cardinals made their comeback. I’d been flipping between the Braves and replays of Clemson/Auburn, then Tech/Kansas.

Sports Illustrated had a good 9/11 article. Also articles on Diana Taurasi, and the Braves relievers (before they slumped!). Here’s a link to order 56 issues of SI for $29.00: click here

While Ceil and I were watching Will’s game, Matthew was home learning French. He got out a deck of French flash cards and went around the house, placing cards with the corresponding chair, bed, desk, teddy bear, etc.

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