Thursday, September 01, 2011


Now we’re getting into the interesting, fun time of the baseball season. The Wilson and Diaz pickups are even more important with Wes Helms out for the year. Doubt we’ll see much more George Sherrell. Unlike Bobby, will Fredi go with youth and promise over experience?

Now all the sports-talk “experts” should be praising Frank Wren and blasting the Phillies for not responding to the Braves’ upgrades. Last year the shoe was on the other foot, and he wouldn’t shut up. Due to his time slot, most of us can’t listen to Kincaid any more.

Claire was chosen to be in the filming of the “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” movie, along with one of her newborn babies. A classmate of Matthew’s is also in the movie.

Didn’t do much Wednesday night. Had burritos. Worked out, watched the Braves, and read. I really need to be twice as productive at night.

My customer is closed Wednesday through Labor Day, so my week is less hectic. Plenty to do for month-end, and I have a few big tasks for the rest of the week. But the Ogre is off, along with young Thomas. Jinxed myself when I said it wasn’t too busy.

Several people here at work walk every day. Two guys have been walking for over 25 years. There is a mile loop around the perimeter of our warehouses. Three weeks ago I started walking to the other plant every afternoon to weigh myself. Last week I started walking the loop. Takes about 16 minutes, if no one stops me to talk. Still need to exercise every day.

So many people stay up too late and don’t get enough sleep. Without sleep, our minds don’t function properly. I get emails sent out at 2:30 am. More often than not the emails are riddled with errors. Sentences start, but don’t end.

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