Monday, September 12, 2011

Opening Day Walk-off Loss

Matthew's team lost on a walkoff single, but he did well. Hit a sharp grounder to first for a 3-1 out, then was safe at first on a bases loaded grounder to third. The third-baseman threw home, but the slow runner beat the throw, giving Matthew an RBI. He was one of four on both teams (23 boys) to make contact every time they batted.

The hardest hit of the day went to Matthew in left field, a line drive that Matthew speared on the shot hop. The batter was held to a single. Had Matthew missed catching the ball, it probably would've been an inside the park home run. Will took the ACT test Saturday morning, and missed his game. Ceil and I went to Bonefish Saturday night.

After M's practice Friday night we looked around for batting helmets. He resigned himself to wearing the team helmet. Then after his first AB, the opposing coach took it…it was her son's long lost helmet.

Busy Sunday: NP, home, haircut, oil change, home, NP mall, home, then down to Passion for their baptism service. Two of Will's classmates were baptized: Connor and Taylor.

Concerned about the Braves wild card lead? I'd rather play Arizona than the Brewers, but if the Braves limp into the playoffs and face a hot team they'll have a hard time advancing. I was on the go all weekend, and didn't see much of the games. I was following them all, on radio, internet, or TV.

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