Friday, September 30, 2011


During Wednesday night's game I stayed off the computer most of the night. Read some of the AJC stuff today…Schultz and Bradley, and a sampling of the comments. Bradley called out some of the comments as ridiculous, which was nice. More than ever is it evident that commenters don't even read the column before commenting.

As usual, most of the suggestions are off the mark…Chipper not contributing, why Wilson is playing, etc. If these "fans" ran businesses they way they want the Braves to be run, the economy would be in even worse shape. I know I shouldn't even read them, but they're so tempting.

Did love those "bet you miss Bobby now!" comments. But what would Cox had done differently? On the field, not much. Like Fredi, he probably would've pitched Linebrink.

At this point, it's probably best that most of the blame is heaped on Fredi (and Parrish), to keep the heat off the players. They were certainly part of the collapse, though there were numerous other factors. Last night's loss was a perfect example.

Had one of a number of things gone the other way, the Braves would've won. Had Bourn not tried to steal third. Had the ump called him safe. Had Huddy got his glove on the ball up the middle. Heyward losing the ball in the lights (still would've been a tough catch). Wilson booting that very tough grounder (Gonzo would've had a hard time with that one). Had Kimbrel been just a little better.

I wonder how many players have been nursing lingering, unreported injuries. McCann rarely hits as poorly as he did these past few weeks. The same could be said for most all the regulars.

"Fans" here in Atlanta are not consoled that Boston lost a bigger lead. Even though they both rank with the worst ever, I still think "epic" is too strong a word.

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