Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why the Braves Falter

It frustrates me how everyone gives up so easily on the Braves, pronouncing them out of it. These “fans” say they’re choking, forgetting their two best starters have been out for over a month. Another starter (Medlin) has been out all year.

Fans forget the Cardinals are the hottest team in baseball. They forget the Braves are one of 30 teams competing for eight playoff spots, with only an average payroll. They have the same record as the Red Sox, who have a payroll twice that of the Braves. Like Atlanta, Boston is fading as well.

With two rookies filling in for JJ and Hanson, and a third rookie already in the rotation, Fredi had little option than to start Lowe last night. Fredi nor Lowe could be blamed for the loss, with the offense only managing two hits off a red hot pitcher, a former all-star.

These same fans would’ve been thrilled at the beginning of season to be leading the wild card race under these circumstances. Yes, other teams also have injuries. They’ve already been eliminated from the playoff race.

Despite what you hear, the Braves are still in it.

The decline:

Sept 4: 8.5 game wild-card lead.

Sept 7: Swept by Phillies. 6.5

Sept 8: Sweep Citi Field DH: 7.5

Sept 11: Swept by Cards. 4.5

Sept 14: Win 2 of 3 from Marlins. 4.5

Sept 18: Lose 2 of 3 to Mets. 3.5

Sept 22: Lose 2 of 3 to Marlins. 1.5

Last 17 games: 6 wins, 11 losses.

The Broken Egg Café sounds good…I looked up their website. Had been tempted by Uncle Julios, but I’ll stay away. There’s one near Perimeter Mall. A Michaels boat model for a penny…I’ll have to look for it. Ceil loves that place.

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