Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Soul Surfer

Watched Soul Surfer Monday night…nice flick. Louie Giglio thought a friend weird for saying he liked the movie. Then Louie got stuck watching it on a plane, and thought it was great. Until I saw the trailer, I didn’t know Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt were in it, much less Craig T Nelson.

The concert Saturday was good, just long and hot. M took a friend, and they had a blast. Took much rap. The News Boys put on a great show, as did Switchfoot. During these last two acts M sat with some other friends, so I was alone.

Like last year, Switchfoot’s lead singer ventured out into the audience. He came right over to I was, standing on a rail to sing. He smiled and gave me that “you’re gonna hold me up and keep me from falling, right?” look, and I did my best. People were pushing to get close and touch him.

Sunday we went to NP, then Passion. Worked around the house Monday. M and A did schoolwork.

Had a busy Friday. Will and I drove over to Cobb Parkway, and dropped his car at the shop at 7 am. I knew when we bought the car that it would need this service. Then we hit the nearby Waffle House. He wasn’t hungry, so we shared the all-American breakfast. Then we met Ceil at the shop where I dropped off my car (timing belt). After dropping off Will to wait for his car, I took Ceil home, then drove the van to work.

The “vacation lady” at work is headed out on her second cruise of the year. She’s been tracking the new storm down in the Caribbean. If it doesn’t turn north, her trip is affected.

Took Ceil to Bonefish Thursday night. She had the salmon (later Will late the leftovers). I had the angus beef burger. Got home about nine. Listened to bits of the Tech game on the radio. Anna and Matthew were watching different movies on the two TVs, so I went to AJC.com for Braves and Tech updates. Then bed.

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